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Thursday, 18 December 2008 21:37

IP Sales Training Demonstration

Please go ahead and have a look at our demonstration lesson, "Small Office Networking -- Introduction," which is created in Adobe Captivate, and is loosely based on a fictitious company.


To view the lesson, please click on the Knowledge Transfer button above.  Please note that, at the present time, the Flash presentation has not been optimized, and will take approximately 2 minutes to load the first part.


In the demonstration lesson, you are introduced to Mary Landers, who is a salesperson representing a company which sells digital phone systems.  She keeps an appointment with Sven Ericsson, the business manager, who turns out to be busy.  Referred to Reine Andersson, the company's technical manager, Mary soon finds herself in over her head as Reine uses terms with which she is unfamiliar.  Nearing despair, Mary turns to her computer savvy friend, "the Professor," who gives her a brief tutorial on small office networking.


General concepts covered in this sample lesson include connecting to the Internet, expanding the network, and protecting against intruders.  Terms covered include DSL, modems, hubs, routers, and switches.  Other concepts include network addressing and network address translation.  Terms mentioned but not covered in this particular lesson include DHCP, VPN, and firewalls.



 Reine Andersson
Mary Landers


Training Philosophy

Knowledge Transfer
  • Flash animations
  • Appropriate graphics
  • Solid research
  • Carefully designed
  • Human interest scenarios
Interactive Instruction
  • Games
  • Drag and Drop
  • True / False
  • Multiple Choice
  • Fill in the Blank
  • Puzzles
Applied Learning
  • Natural Language Interface
  • Artificial Intelligence Engine
  • Programmed Simulations


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